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Get Unstuck With Geoffrey Nelson

Certified Life Coach Extraordinaire

Movement That Brings About Change 

Real Practical Thoughtful Solutions

Guiding you through a process in a way that is honest and down to earth, we will explore the difficulties  that hold you back and  allow your spirit to soar. "From our innermost being can flow rivers of living water".

How it Works

Guidance & Inspiration

We are relational beings and not meant to go it alone.  Our primary relationships form how we interact with our world.  As a resuilt we must examine the impact of those and take healthy steps to have meaningful relationships with those aound us.

Helping Hand

Relationship Coaching

We Can Find a Path through the Fog

Relationships can produce stuckness as well.  Issues of confusion. conflicts and communication are difficult to resolve without an outside observer to guide you through the process.  No situation is off the table if both parties are willing to try.

Support Group
Boat Trip

Shannon Thomas

A   Healthy Relationship is a feast of affection/giving for both people; not one recieving crumbs and trying to convince themselves it is enough.

Foggy Waters

Competitive Pricing

Bringing the best everyday!

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