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Careful Thats A Tool

Updated: Jan 13

I remember playing in my dads workshop it was an amazing place. Some things like hammers and screw drivers were obvious but then as it got into the power tools it was so cool. I would watch as he would create these amazing pieces of art and marvel at how he could build anything. He could take a pile of wood and craft an entire bedroom set. i would make attempts to build stuff but it was a far cry from his skill and ability. He would frequently say, "be careful thats a tool".

Now as a life coach I am reminded of his warnings to me and i feel the need to frequently remind my clients, "hey be careful thats a tool"! Let me explain what I mean. In the process of coaching I will offer a technique or strategy to aid someone in their situation. Guess what happens the first time they try it? You guessed it, total failure. I could always tell when I followed up with them and asked how it went by the look on their face. Just like the crude things I built in my dads workshop it was lousy. But as i got older and more experienced I improved. By now you can see where I am going with this. Don't give up on the first try!

Keep at it, learn how to hold it and the way it works. Watch others using it and then keep practicing. I will never forget when I was teaching a couple how to use the speaker listener technique. After the first week the couple came back into my office totally frustrated and certainly doubting my abilities. So I began unpacking their struggles by carefully listening and responding to them. All of a sudden the guy says, oh I see what you are doing, you using that on us". Amazing when we practice this thing called life and devlelop the skills necessary to navigate it.

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