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I Need Help!

Updated: Jan 13

I recall that old Beatles song "Help I need somebody, help not just anybody, you know i need somone, help". They hit upon a nerve that we as all humans face. We cannot go life alone, therein lies the struggle. Help can come in many ways and forms. And what seems to be helpful to some may not be helpful at all to others. That leads me to a very important point. Be clear about what you are asking for.


Some people merely want out of a situation or find themselves in an unpleasant circumstance, while others are in over their head and totally overwhelmed. Some are looking for an escape, a way out because they are lost..


Maybe it is a pill, or a drink, or even a massage. It could be an answer to a looming question. Maybe the remedy involves exercising your mind, or body or your spirit. The remedies are endless the options are infinite.


Here a magic wand might be helpful. A fix that removes the obstacle we are facing or a challenge that seems impossible. A light that illuminates the path out of the darkness of our soul, resolving our woes.


This may be in the form of a helping hand or a listening ear. The element of human touch or just the right word spoken at the right time can provide incredible help.

So in asking for help be clear, be specific, and honest about what you need.

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